July 9, 2017

Simply Told

A while back I read a quote:

People did not want to hear about simple things. They wanted to hear about great things – simply told. (Jane Addams)

So, my brother and I started Simply Told.

While it’s not entirely focused on churches, the local church as an organization is a big part of why we launched this endeavor. I appreciate the local church. I grew up in the local church. But I’m not the first to say that many local churches have lost touch. I even wonder sometimes about the more popular local churches and their connection to the community. It’s easy to over analyze things. Trust me, I make a habit of it.

I just wonder sometimes. It seems we think the community is becoming more distant from us – for whatever reason – but I think it may be the other way around. I think the local church is becoming more distant from the community. I don’t place all the blame with the local church. Technology and society seem to change at light speed compared to the days of my youth. It’s no wonder there is so much confusion about what to do and how to be relatable.*

That’s where Simply Told comes in. I don’t think we’re your traditional church types. And we’ve partnered with non-profits unaffiliated with a religious organization. If you need assistance or know of someone who does, give us a shout.

*Note that I didn’t say relevant. Just as I’m only romantic when my wife says I’m romantic, your organization is deemed relevant when those you serve declare your relevance. Your job is to be relatable. To open doors. To set the stage for relevance.