I live in Nashville, Tennessee, where I spend a glorious amount of time with my extremely colorful wife and two boys. I get destroyed in Star Wars Battlefront, we watch Doctor Who (new and old) and tell good stories.

  • I work at a local church and meanwhile offer the same communications, media, creativity and branding strategy services to other businesses and non-profits in the form of Brian Holaway Creative. I think I have a unique perspective on this work, do the work well and enjoy helping other organizations with perspective.
  • I co-founded Simply Told with my brother. Together we assist churches and non-profits in their brand, strategy, staff and overall communications. What we offer extends beyond my independent work as Brian Holaway Creative.
  • I really like board games.
  • We travel, always planning the next adventure. So far we (together or individually) visited most US States, Kenya, Tanzania, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, England, Wales and Scotland.
  • I teach when possible. My topics vary but are surrounded by the common theme of perspective (and how we need a new one on scripture, Jesus, God and life) and grace.
  • I meet friends for coffee or beer and discuss the fun and difficult things in life and the infinitely knowable mystery. These meetings keep me alive. I’m incredibly grateful for my friends; their honesty, wisdom, humor and loyalty. You can find me at Sip most Friday’s around Noon. Join me if you want.
  • I’m reading and researching and exploring, little of which I attempt to document on this site or social media. If you want to get to know me, get to know me in person.

This page inspired by Austin Kleon who was inspired by Derek Sivers.