There are plenty of reviews and recommendations for Scythe. Here, I’ll focus, as usual, on why Scythe can work with your family and why its level of complexity can encourage, not discourage, learning and exploring. Scythe is a resource collection game from Stonemaier Games with artwork by Jakub Rozalski. I’ll […]

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Carcassonne is a classic. There’s nothing flashy or overly complicated about it (except for maybe the scoring the first time you play). You also don’t need the many expansions for a great play. Start with the base game – which comes with two expansions in it now – and you’re […]

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Tsuro is an easy-to-learn, highly-replayable board game from Calliope Games. It’s one of our warm up games (games that are quick and get us ready for a 30-90 minute tabletop adventure). How It Works The game is tile-based (like Lanterns). Each player receives starter tiles then, during their turn, places […]

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