Tsuro is an easy-to-learn, highly-replayable board game from Calliope Games. It’s one of our warm up games (games that are quick and get us ready for a 30-90 minute tabletop adventure). How It Works The game is tile-based (like Lanterns). Each player receives starter tiles then, during their turn, places […]

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The Next Trip is….

You can track us here but you’ll need an account, I think, to do so. We’re also on Instagram as brianholaway, trixiegirl74 and noahholaway. Here’s the tentative plan. Allons-y! (England) on Roadtrippers SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Road Trip

Route 66

Current Path (Part 3) Current Path (Part 2) Current Path (Part 1) Brian’s Instagram* Kristi’s Instagram* In 2011 my family and I had the opportunity to take off. Our boys are schooled at home and I was running a business from home. So, with little money and lots of cheap […]

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