It’s funny. Every time I see Walt Whitman I think of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. That one film changed the way I viewed both men, literature and much more. I’m convinced that humanity could advance well if we could do two things: – Troubleshoot – Troubleshooting isn’t learning […]

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There is a challenge in my heart in regards to whether or not I should dislike people for what they say, for example, when they are running for president. The latest craziness is how we should ban muslims from entering the United States. I read about this on the same […]

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There Is No Fence

“You will do well.” That was what James (likely the brother of Jesus) said to a group of people when he told them to quit the various rituals involved in their pagan worship in Acts 15. Things like sacrificing to idols. Fornication (a churchy sounding word if there ever was […]

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