Brian Holaway

My work is about imagination and creativity. I have developed, designed, implemented, and executed communication and technology strategies within non-profits for over 20 years. My expertise lies in comprehensive design, communication, and technical knowledge. In my spare time I travel, play board games, watch baseball (Braves and Tigers) and spend time in the woods, usually with my colorful wife and courageous boys.


Here are thoughts to consider when attempting to grasp the tragedy in Orlando. Jen Hatmaker (yes, comments, as well) Jon Foreman Miles Adcox Rob Bell (Episode 104) Rob Bell (Episode 57) Rachel Held Evans The Bible – the book that we Christians say we follow – says God is love (1 […]

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Road Trip

Route 66

Current Path (Part 3) Current Path (Part 2) Current Path (Part 1) Brian’s Instagram* Kristi’s Instagram* In 2011 my family and I had the opportunity to take off. Our boys are schooled at home and I was running a business from home. So, with little money and lots of cheap […]

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The local church caries value. It provides (or should provide) in various ways for its community. Many times the result of the efforts of the local, established church is an inward focus, but that’s not the end of the world. We are all inwardly focused in one way or another, […]

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