Brian Holaway

My work is about imagination and creativity. I have developed, designed, implemented, and executed communication and technology strategies within non-profits for over 20 years. My expertise lies in comprehensive design, communication, and technical knowledge. In my spare time I travel, play board games, watch baseball (Braves and Tigers) and spend time in the woods, usually with my colorful wife and courageous boys.

Permission to Send

An article I wrote was recently published on Church Marketing Sucks. I write about how churches should handle data, specifically that of those they serve, but the article applies to other organizations, as well. If you are a church communicator be sure to check out Courageous Storytellers. I wrote two […]

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2018 Adventure

We weren’t out of the UK last year when Kristi and the boys were asking when we could return. We started saving the dollars right then. This year we’re heading to Scotland for two weeks. You can follow us at PolarSteps (you’ll need an account). I’ll also post on Instagram. […]

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The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has caused enough stir and been out long enough that I am ok to comment without feeling like I’ll spoil anything. I want to focus on the complaints about the movie but from the perspective of why I like it and wasn’t bothered by the […]

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